Nashville Drinking Game

-Drink every time Avery Barkley AKA Tuck Everlasting AKA Jonathan Jackson comes on. Finish your drink if he’s being a selfish jerk.

-Drink every time someone says “y’all”

-Drink every time Juliette Barnes (Hayden P.) wears a one-shoulder top. (Do this in life in general.)

-Drink every time two characters sing in harmony in an emotionally-charged way

-Drink every time someone leaks an incriminating photo of someone else

-Wyclef Jean is on? Get your drink on.

-Drink every time Juliette kisses an older man

-Drink every time one of their managers is crabby

-Reina’s children, that’s a drink

-Drink every time that girl who looks like Michelle Branch gets jealous of Scarlett

-Drink every time Deacon is being super rugged

-Drink every time there is a tense conversation in an expensive vehicle. Finish your drink if it involves prescription pills being abused.

-Drink for every skyline shot of Nashville

-Take a comforting sip whenever you feel sad about Juliette’s mom

-Cowboy hat/boots are a drink

-Finish your drink whenever Reina and Juliette have an unnoticed mother-figure/daughter-figure moment

-Becky Lang in collaboration with her boyfriend, Neil Olstad

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