We’re excited to announce that our short story collection Future Cities, just published in hard copy, is now also available as an e-book—just $3.99 for an e-book, or $7.99 for a paperback! The book features original fiction from many of your favorite Tangential writers, as well as some kickass guest contributors. Here’s the complete list of contributors, in order of their appearance in the book, with links to their Tumblrs (where applicable):

Jason Zabel—a Tangential editor, formerly editor of the late great Twin Cities A.V. Club.

Katie Sisneros—a Tangential founding editor and a Ph.D. candidate in English at the University of Minnesota.

John Jodzio—author of Get In If You Want to Live (Paper Darts, 2011) and other story collections.

Becky Lang—creator of The Tangential and a creative at Zeus Jones.

Jay Gabler—a Tangential founding editor and the editor of Unreality House.

Sarah Heuer—a Tangential editor and a cowriter of PhiLOLZophy.

Crispin Best—editor of For Every Year, guy who recently ran through a parking area yelling, “I’m going through a lot right now!”

Heidi Schatz—a Tangential editor.

Kat George—managing editor of Portable.tv and contributor to Vice, formerly an editor at Thought Catalog.

Kelsey McDonough—a Tangential staff writer.

Christopher Vondracek—a Tangential staff writer.

Chrissy Stockton—a Tangential staff writer and a cowriter of PhiLOLZophy.

Order your copy now! And those in Minnesota America this space-time dimension, watch for details about a publication party and Tumblr meet-up on in February at the Nomad World Pub in Minneapolis.