20 Things Gay Guys Think Boobs Might Feel Like


Note: this is what we wrote 2 years ago during the Superbowl because sports confuse us. #retrogential

A man-boob

A fast food takeout bag with wrappers in it

Chicken marinating in a bag

Soggy, rotten mangoes

An ice pack

A stress ball

Boxed wine bladder

A Koosh ball

Bread dough

Gulab jamun

A package of ground beef

A head of lettuce

A whoopie cushion

Giant testicles

Matzo balls



A big ball of seaweed that you pull up from the bottom of the lake

Jabba the Hutt

A bag of birdseed

The most common answer according to Yahoo! answers: A water balloon

-Becky Lang, with the help of several people who aren’t keenly watching the football game, including Jason Zabel and Jay Gabler