52. The monster of a Cabbage Patch Kid doll that ate plastic food mechanically and had a backpack where the food went and then you’d take the food out of the backpack and put it right back in her mouth and you’d do that over and over until your hair would get stuck too, honestly a NIGHTMARE

52 Things From the 90s That No One Misses

  1. fauxmoqadems said: but those TEA BUNNIES from the very beginning of this clip !!!!!
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    that’s some disturbing shit right here. ew. seriously. ew.
  5. xinemachine said: This is also known as “Xavier Roberts jumping the shark”.
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    This thing ate my cousins hair once! Hilarious
  7. omne-bonum said: not really lame compared to the present because toys just got more pathetic.
  8. faeriesandlakes said: I had one of these. I remember when the recall came out even as a small child I was like… What kind of dumbass puts their hair in it’s mouth? My mom gave me the option off keeping it or taking it back. I kept it and no hair was eaten.
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