Pros and Cons of Living in a Garden-Level Apartment


Sometimes you actually have a view of a garden.

The price is right.

Pleasant cavelike coolness in the summer.

Eavesdropping on passersby is easy and fun.

Excellent tornado protection.


Dark, dank, dungeon-like. Troll-like gargling and scratching at windows occasionally occurs.

Sometimes that 3 AM back scratch reveals a giant centipede trying to get to second base with your sleeping body.

If a dog drags a bone across the upstairs floor, it feels like Satan is going at your molars with a rusty drill bit.

Not the most impressive bachelor/ette pad. “Hey, you wanna get out of this club and go back to my basement?”

Very poor flood protection. You keep all your valuable belongings stacked on crates above the floor for months, until you finally figure a flood is never going to actually happen, and fall asleep with your laptop on the floor. The thunder and rain fail to wake you.

- Jay Gabler and Lauren Gantner

Photo by Tbone_Sandwich (Creative Commons)