Best/Realest Tweets of the Week, 3/24-3/30/13

If Everyone Was as Honest as Bon Jovi

Because We Can—The Tour is the upcoming fifteenth concert tour by American rock band Bon Jovi. (Wikipedia)

Tom Cruise stars as an ex-cop with a stupid name in the plot-free blockbuster action spectacular Because I Can.

“Because I Can,” Chris Brown’s slow jam about S&M, featuring a guest verse by Rihanna.

“Telling the World About Your Performance Anxiety, Because I Can,” the new hit single by Taylor Swift

Because We Could, a memoir by a senior staffer in the George W. Bush administration

“Because I can:” text-message preface to a dickpic from Bill Clinton

Because You Can: A 50-Something Pop Icon’s Guide to Hot Sex with Barely Legal Men by Madonna

“asking people to bring me adderall, because i can” – alt lit tweet

Because I Can, a 20-hour documentary about the history of hubcaps in America, by Ken Burns

BECAUSE I CAN—inscription on Bob Dylan’s gravestone

Because We Can™: A line of $70 yoga shirts in the Whole Body section at Whole Foods

Star Wars Episode VII: Because We Can, a Disney movie featuring a climactic battle between Boba Fett and Miss Piggy

Jay Gabler and Katya Karaz